FNAC / Tick&Live


User flows
Mobile & tablet UX-UI
Web design
iOs & Android development (/interfaces)

Designing the coolest m-commerce application on the market

Follow your favorite artists’ latest news by uploading your cloud-based music collection, book tickets and share info with friends on social media, get an update on your battery status 4 hours ahead of the show to make sure you can present your electronic ticket… Designing an efficient application is about identifying your users’ expectations and offering them an ideal and seamless experience.

Project driven by Vincent Teillet for Care/Change


Web conversion

Data analysis
User stories
Desktop & mobile UX-UI
A/B Testing
SEO Optimization

Assisting customers in their energy renovation projects and finding the companies that provide solutions.

Energy renovation projects often cause private customers some anxiety. Engie helps them define their expectations step by step and puts them in contact with qualified professionals. An ideal course to generate leads and increase its conversion rate.


Project driven by Vincent Teillet for Care/Change


Acquisition and transformation

Reshaping the site map
Users’ journey
Desktop & mobile UX/UI
A/B Testing

Generate leads by simplifying the user journey 

We are often forgetful of when our car inspection is due. To enable its customers to easily locate the nearest car repair shop and book an appointment, Dekra Norisko has entirely re-engineered its website, in an effort to deliver better service to its customers and subscribers.


Project driven by Vincent Teillet for Care/Change

MĂ©tropole de Montpellier

Open data

Design / ergonomics
Web design
iOs & Android interfaces

Provide car drivers with useful information, updated every 5 minutes

In Montpellier as elsewhere, finding a parking space can often prove difficult. Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole having recently granted access to numerous data, we designed an application that helps drivers locate available spaces in the city’s parking lots. Because the less time you spend, the less energy you waste…

Fonds Territoriaux

Collaborative platform

Collaborative platform
PHP/MySQL development
Progressive maintenance

Designing a project assessment application equipped with a collaboration tool

As key players in the social and solidarity economy, the Fonds Territoriaux wished to gain efficiency and reactiveness by setting up a collaborative solution

To this end, we designed Muffin, an application that allows them to:

  • easily access vital information on different projects and their holders
  • improve collaboration between the grouping’s members
  • set up evaluation tools for actions


Content marketing


A web series aimed at reconnecting the French audience with everyday cooking.

It’s a known fact: year after year people in France devote less time to cooking. To counter this regretful trend, we designed for Lesieur a complete online content marketing package with Fred Chesneau, the famous globe-cooker, as the main host.

This operation was warmly welcomed by consumers, and reinforced Lesieur’s image as a brand that “listens to their needs”.

Project driven by Vincent Teillet for Care/Change



Software design
Responsive interface design
Web & mobile development

Provide customers with a simple and reliable simulator that allows them to helps them predict future savings.

To assist customers in their decision-making and generate preference, we designed for Daikin a simulator that gives their clients a precise estimate of the expected savings upon installation of a heating system based on renewable energy.

Having run for several months, the geolocated algorithm proved its reliability, reinforcing in turn the customers’ trust in the brand.


Project driven by Vincent Teillet for Care/Change