It’s time to update
your marketing.

Ten years ago, how did you listen to music, buy a book, connect with friends or read a newspaper ? Times have changed, and in the era of Digital Transformation, it’s high time you rebooted your marketing.

Un homme travaille sur son ordinateur au bureau

At first, managers thought that adding some internet to their old processes would do the job. But then new players began to break the rules and consumer behavior changed rapidly. It took Facebook four and a half years to reach 100 million users worldwide, 2 years for Instagram and 15 months for Candy Crush.

The picture is now clear: digitization isn’t another technology, it’s a revolution of customer relationship. And startups understand this perfectly: ultimately, customers are the ones who buy into and adopt their innovations. Or not.

Today, consumers are a step ahead of the brands.

So let’s hear what your customers have to say, create the services and experiences they expect. Soon enough, they’ll spread the word, whether on social media or at the coffee machine, and end up joining the conversation on a friendly footing.

Digital Transformation brings marketing back to its basics: know your customers, offer them the products they’re looking for, grab their attention when it’s needed, and anticipate their desires… All of that is now possible on an unforeseen scale.

To cash in on these opportunities, let’s be on the lookout for Ada Lovelace’s “unseen worlds around us”.

And above all, let’s keep a cool head: our mission is to help you send out tokens of attention to your client base.

Why Ada Lovelace?

Born in London to Annabella Milbanke and the poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852) is recognized today as one of the pioneers of computer science. Working alongside the mathematician Charles Babbage, she invented the first algorithm in 1842. 135 years later, a coding language was named after her. In a letter to her mother dated February 6, 1841, she wrote: "I believe myself to possess a most singular combination of qualities exactly fitted to make me pre-eminently a discoverer of the hidden realities of nature". We couldn't have imagined a better vision statement.